Evolution of a Racecar

Evolution of a Racecar

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The fourth volume of our series detailing how to bring a racecar from concept to track focuses on the work motor racing is doing to take care of our environment for the sake of future generations. It has changed its regulations to encourage innovation and development in hybrid systems that have been used in Formula 1 and endurance racing since 2014, synthetic and renewable fuels, batteries, and electric motors, as well as reducing waste in test and development by using more advanced computing technology.

Motor racing is far from having found definitive answers, but in the last decade it has made incredible improvements in all areas of motoring and will continue to do so over the coming years. In this edition, we look at the work that has been undertaken by companies involved in motor sport, from major manufacturers such as Porsche and its Mission R, to the world’s first zero carbon racing championship, Formula E; from the development of hydrogen technology to flax fibres as an alternative to carbon or pressing metal. There is a long way to go.

This 116-page special edition is a must-have for any designer, engineer or race enthusiast looking to bring themselves up to speed with the latest in racecar engineering.

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